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Observing the Unobservable: The Phenomenon of Stuttering Anticipation

Dr. Eric S. Jackson is an assistant professor and director of the Stuttering and Variability (SaVvy) laboratory at NYU. His research examines the variability of stuttering — the context-based inconsistency with which stuttering occurs – and the factors that drive it including social interaction and anticipation. As a clinician-scientist, Dr. Jackson draws on his own experience as a person who stutters to both inform and inspire his research, practice, and teaching.

Stuttering anticipation refers to the sense that upcoming (overt) speech will be stuttered, should that speech be executed as planned. While covert in nature, anticipation is pervasive in the stuttering experience, and how one responds to anticipation ultimately shapes this experience. In this discussion, Dr. Jackson will present new research findings on how people who stutter respond to anticipation, as well as a possible link between these responses and temperament. This will lead to a group discussion about how we experience anticipation and what we can do to make communication, in light of anticipation, easier.