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This one-day course will meet at our Atlanta office. Email us at atlanta@stutteringtreatment.org with questions or to register.

We will focus on the benefits of mindfulness for people who stutter. You will gain exposure to different meditation techniques, from breath awareness to self-compassion. This course is appropriate for both beginners to meditation and those with some experience. You might be especially interested in this course if you would like to explore the benefits of a daily meditation practice.

In addition to mindfulness, this course will also focus on the powerful practice of Avoidance Reduction. Are there situations in which you avoid speaking because you are afraid you might stutter? Using the “Stages of Change” as a framework, you will learn to identify your avoidance behaviors and work towards reducing your fears around stuttering. Our Avoidance Reduction discussions will be grounded in the practice of mindfulness, which will allow you to face your fears from a place of awareness and compassion.