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Speech Therapy

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Many clients who come to AIS have had therapy elsewhere. In most cases, they’ve had some success but found it difficult to maintain. And here’s where our approach to stuttering therapy sets us apart. Many treatments focus primarily on physical techniques. At AIS, we take a holistic, individualized approach.

We address the physical aspects of stuttering – as well as the negative emotions and thoughts that can accompany it. In short, we approach stuttering from every angle. Mind. Body. And spirit. AIS treatment draws extensively from avoidance reduction therapy, acceptance and commitment approaches, and rational emotive behavioral therapy.

Something else that sets us apart? The therapists at AIS are stuttering specialists. Most speech therapists are trained as general speech and language pathologists. The therapists at AIS have received the specialty training to work exclusively with people who stutter.

At AIS, we take a team approach to treatment. Our entire staff is dedicated to creating a truly supportive environment for our clients – and the people who love them.

While treatment plans are customized for each client, our integrated treatment model focuses on:

  • Speaking with greater ease
  • Building confidence while speaking
  • Minimizing negative thoughts and emotions

Services are currently available in New York CityAtlanta, and Online. We offer individual sessions, one-week immersion programs (previously called intensive programs) for teens and adults, and themed workshops.

Is our treatment effective? See what the research says.

Jeremiah The first question people usually ask is “Does it work”? At AIS, we measure success by clients gaining the skills they need to live authentically and approach every speaking situation confidently.

That said, we understand that increased fluency is what many clients are seeking. Here is what some recent studies found.

Research Studies

  • In a study by Pollard (2012), all participants who completed the AIS intensive program showed significant reduction in the frequency and length of their stuttering blocks. The majority of clients showed a 50-60% reduction in stuttering.
  • A study of data from all AIS intensive programs from 2010-2015 showed the following outcomes:
  • 98% of clients self-reported significant improvement in their quality of life as a result of the program.
  • At the beginning of the program, clients reported that, on average, stuttering had a negative impact on their lives that was rated as “moderate/severe” while after the program, negative impact was reduced to “mild/moderate.”
  • Clients showed significant gains in ability to communicate in daily situations. They reported greater self-confidence, enthusiasm for life, as well as physical and emotional well-being.

Effective treatment addresses not only the physical aspects of stuttering, but also one’s feelings and thoughts. At AIS, we focus on empowering you with options, and reducing fears and avoidance, so you can manage your stuttering and say what you want to say.

While therapy is personalized for each client, our approach differs by age. Learn how we work with preschoolerskids and teens  and adults.