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Teens and Adults


We help people who stutter free their voice and achieve their goals.

If you are a teenager or adult who stutters, who probably have lots of questions about therapy. Many clients tell us that they are skeptical about being able to make any real improvements since their past attempts were largely unsuccessful or simply short-lived.

AIS is committed to not only helping you make long-term, sustainable changes, but to providing you access to a supportive, self-empowering community.

Can you benefit from therapy? Do you:

  • Avoid speaking situations and opportunities for fear of stuttering?
  • Find the act of speaking to others to be a physical and/or mental struggle?
  • Experience negative emotions such as guilt, shame, or anger related to your stuttering?
  • Rely on previously learned “speech tools” to be fluent that are not reliable/consistently effective?
  • Feel that your stuttering is holding you back from your life goals?

If you experience any of the above, we suggest you schedule a consultation to learn more about how AIS can help you.

What happens at the Consultation?

You will meet with a speech therapist, and together we will gather personal history information and evaluate your overall fluency. We assess any secondary behaviors (like foot tapping), word and situational avoidance behaviors. We discuss how you think and feel about your speech and learn how stuttering has affected different aspects of your life. This information is used to make recommendations for your treatment.
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What happens when I go for treatment?

AIS offers holistic treatment that is individualized according to each person’s unique need. While every person is different, therapy commonly involves:

  • Learning ways to physically manage moments of stuttering without struggle or physical tension
  • Reducing negative thoughts and emotional reactions to stuttering using cognitive behavioral approaches (CBT) including systematic exposure and fear reduction training
  • Enhancing overall communication skills including the ability to engage in everyday conversations, complete professional interviews, and make public presentations.
  • Building confidence in your ability to communicate freely and comfortably
  • Working with your spouse, partner, parents and/or children as appropriate to help them understand your stutter—and how they can best support your therapy.

Services are available in New York City, Atlanta, and Online. To schedule your initial consultation, contact AIS at (212) 633-6400 or at speakfreely@stutteringtreatment.org. You can also contact AIS directly here.